The online course
about Yoni Massage

"Slowly and Smoothly"

For men and women:
How to massage a woman

What is this course about?

Yoni massage is a practice aimed at awakening feminine energy and raising it through the body.

Activating this energy helps engage areas of life where energy was previously lacking or dormant:

  1. Awakening the energy of survival instincts;
  2. Finding pleasure in everything that happens in life;
  3. Improving communication, career growth, earning money;
  4. The ability to love and accept;
  5. Creativity, self-expression, and showcasing oneself in the world;
  6. Intuition, perception of the world, mental abilities;
  7. Connecting a person with the Universe, with the Cosmos.
Онлайн курсы по йони массажу "Медленно и плавно"

What is unique?

The course was created by two authors – a professional yoni massage therapist and a girl who has attended more than a hundred yoni massage sessions.

The course shows theory and practice of a massage therapist. A detailed explanation of all aspects of yoni massage in simple words, without using complex terminology.

A practical combination of knowledge about women from the point of view of anatomy, physiology, psychology, sexology, stimulation techniques, energy practices, tantric practices.

Add to this the ability to manage your state and energy through attention, breathing and meditation – and you will get a unique effect:

The effect and taste of a slow meditative interaction of female and male energy, a new level of sensations, a new depth and subtlety of perception.

Who is the course intended for?

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For men

Men will be able to:

  • find out how female nature works and where the most sensitive female points are located;
  • after this, understand that this knowledge is absolutely NOT IMPORTANT, that working with energy is more important;
  • feel the energy in yourself: how and where it originates, how it moves, how to manage it, how different it is – creative, sexual, spiritual, and how to use it all in life;
  • Explore a new interaction with a woman in which your couple is maximally energized. So that this interaction can be a powerful source of energy and inspiration for the development of all areas of life, projects, creativity, and unlocking your potentials;
  • understand how to enter into the most sincere, frank and real contact, to enter into maximum intimacy with each other;
  • learn to give a woman a feeling of unity and being in a state of total attention and presence in this moment;
  • enter a state of calm, balance, slowdown, feel how much strength and energy passes through you in this state of slowdown and how this is reflected physically in the girl’s body;
  • see a real massage on a girl, and feel the state and degree of deceleration in which it is necessary to be in order for the massage to become a flight into space for the girl;
  • find out what the secret is to “slow and smooth”, and why without these two components any super cool stimulation technique will only work at a maximum of 10 percent.
For women

Women will be able to:

  • reveal all your unique sexual potential, find all the facets of sensitivity that exist in your body;
  • awaken your orgasmicity, understand the essence of femininity;
  • to love yourself through understanding your feminine nature, your authenticity and your divinity;
  • strengthen the built-in ability of any woman to receive pleasure in all areas of life;
  • learn everything about the reality of the nature of orgasm and female sexuality, about the time the body turns on, about the types of reactions, about what stages and conditions must be met for the body to turn on naturally, and how much time you really need to allocate for this;
  • feel the power of acceptance and how this new state opens up new possibilities for the beauty of living life;
  • learn that after fully discovering your orgasmicity, you can move on to a new level of sex – sex without orgasm;
  • figure out what to do with the increasing energy, how to manage this energy and direct it to solve any life issues;
  • turn sex into a spiritual practice.
For sexologists
If there is no partner

What awaits you on the course?

17 lessons

Detailed theory
for each topic

Demonstration in practice
of each stage

  • Video lessons are recorded in advance.
  • Lessons can be viewed any number of times.
  • You can watch at any time convenient for you.
  • Access to the course lasts forever.

The course has English subtitles.

Course Topics

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1.01 Theory. What is yoni massage
1.02 Theory. Channels. Chakras
1.03 Theory. Breathing
1.04 Theory. PC-muscle
1.05 Theory. Anatomy A-K-U spots
1.06 Theory. Cycle
1.07 Practice. Yoni massage on simulator
1.08 Practice. Full body massage. Rear
1.09 Practice. Full body massage. Front
1.10 Practice. Yoni massage. A-K-U spots
2.01 Theory. Uterus anatomy
2.02 Theory. G spot anatomy
2.03 Theory. Ejaculation and squirt
2.04 Practice. Cervix
2.05 Practice. G-spot. Ejaculation
2.06 Practice. G-spot. Squirt
2.07 Closing

Examples of lessons:

The course has English subtitles.


If after watching three lessons you decide that the course is not suitable for you, write to us. You will get your money back, no questions asked.

Course authors



Yoni massage therapist, master of tantric practices, sexologist, author of training courses about yoni massage and lingam massage “Slowly and smoothly”.



Architect, designer, artist. I explore the relationship between controlled inspiration, creative flow and energy, sexuality, orgasmicity.


Online course
"Yoni massage"

For men and women

How to massage a woman

17 video lessons

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